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ShiftWizard: Workforce Management That Makes Sense

At ShiftWizard, we know that workforce management can oftentimes keep you and your employees from doing what you love to do: caring for patients. That’s why we’ve created an intuitive healthcare workforce management software with your specific needs in mind. ShiftWizard was created by nurses for nurses in Morrisville, NC in 2007. Our cloud-based software is scalable and customizable, allowing us to cater to your specific HPPD needs.

Increase Your Efficiencies With Our Nursing Staff Scheduling Solutions

Increasing your nursing productivity is our number one priority at ShiftWizard. With our powerful and innovative SaaS (Software as a Services) solutions, we can allow you to do just that by easily organizing your resources with intuitive nurse scheduling and staffing. Let our time- and money-saving software help you make informed, timely decisions right when you need to and even predict your future staffing needs.

Learn more about ShiftWizard, explore all of our beneficial features, and contact us to learn how we can help meet your nursing management challenges.

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